Add a photo folder to your Dropbox

When you log in we will create a 'PiczAlbums' folder inside your dropbox 'Apps' folder.

Import your folder on Picz

With Picz you don't need take care of uploading your photos, you just use your Dropbox.

Send the album to your customer

Your customer will receive a email with the album link and a password to access his album.

We will let you know when your customer ends the selection

When your customer ends the selection you will receive a email and will be able to finalize the proof.

Finalize the proof

When you finalize your album we will copy all selected photos to a "Selecteds" folder inside your photo folder to you delivery to your client.

See a example of a proof

Know how your customer will receive his photos to proof

Get in touch

We will follow up with you as soon as possible.